segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Kevin Greutert fala sobre o possivel nome do 7º filme

Segundo Kevin, o filme se chamará Saw VII Endgame Deluxe 3D.

(Só pode ser brincadeira hauaahuaahauahauahauahu, esperemos para ver se isso se confirma)

Ele tambem afirma que Saw VII será o mais caro da série...

Veja seu Post completo abaixo postado no HOJ

"Well, team, it's hard to believe, but I start rolling high res 3D video on this movie tomorrow morning. It's still an unreal fog to me (the experience, not the 3D video, although come to think of it... well, never mind that for now...), having one week to prep the most expensive SAW film of all. We've attempted a comprehensive rewrite on the script since I got here, but it's tough: the sets are built, the traps are built, the storyline is set, and any major changes mean throwing out existing stuff, and it's hard to find the time, money and will to do things a different way.

It has not been a picnic, but the crew is working hard, and I am as well. On those rare occasions when I can actually go to sleep, I see images like the World Trade Center collapsing in slow motion, plane crashes, drownings, other bad shit. It's unhealthy for me, but hopefully the creepy scariness of my life right now is somehow translating into a vibe that will be good for the movie, if they'll just give me a chance to put my stamp on it here and there. Very difficult indeed...

Thanks for hanging with me, everyone. And send some love to David Hackl, he could use it as much as me, if not more."

Fonte: Rodrigo Fiori, Comunidade Jogos Mortais - Saw

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